Do I need 12 people to rent the Pedal Trolley?

Absolutely not! We do smaller “rent by seat” rentals and will pair you with other smaller groups to fill up the Pedal Trolley. We can get the Pedal Trolley moving at a decent speed with a minimum of 8 people. If we do not book at least 8 seats total, the Pedal Trolley will not go out, so the more the better! (See Cancellation Policy below)

Can I bring beverages or food?

Yes! You may bring food and beverages onboard (no glass please!), just like a party bus or limousine. We make 3-4 stops at local pubs and bars where you can experience Pensacola’s best craft beer and cocktails before we hop on the Pedal Trolley again and pedal to the next stop. Trust us, we won’t leave you thirsty!

We have room for a cooler that can store bottled water or to keep food cool. We recommend groups bring their own disposable or reusable cups on our pub crawl tours. We also recommend bringing plenty of water!

Where do we meet for our tour?

We begin and end our tours at our location at 11 Palafox Place outside the Breezeway behind to 86 Forks Restaurant.

Do all riders need to be 21 or older?

We require all passengers to be 16 years or older. Only those 21 and older are allowed to consume alcohol onboard the Pedal Trolley. Please note that not all bars and pub stops allow underage guests later in the evenings. Please call if you have further questions.

What can I expect?

To have a blast! We really try to make each ride unique, so please feel free to bring your own tunes to pedal out to (we have hook ups for your smartphones!), snacks or your own beverages (there is PLENTY of room on board for coolers), and some comfortable shoes (this is a workout at times)! We recommend groups bring their own disposable or reusable cups on our pub crawl tours.

Where do we go?

The Pedal Trolley has designated routes in place with some of our favorite local destinations! If you’d like to roll to a different spot, please send us an email to discuss arranging one of our private tours. We are always open to meeting new people and visiting new local destinations!

Do I have to wear a helmet?

No, you do not HAVE to wear a helmet, but we will have them onboard if you’d like one. If you elect to NOT wear a helmet, you must indicate this on your liability waiver before the tour begins.

Is there music?

Heck yeah! You can even bring the tunes, and we’ll provide the speakers to play the hits! (Just keep it PG-13, please)

Are we allowed to tip the driver?

Please, if you have an enjoyable time and wish to thank your guide, tips are very welcome!

What is the cancellation policy?

We require a minimum of 6 people total to run a tour. If your tour does not book to 6 seats, you will receive a refund. Available 7 days a week depending on availability. Public tours are not guaranteed.

• 2 weeks prior to tour = full refund
• Within 1 week of tour = deposit or seat payment is non-refundable. All
sales/deposits within one week of tour are final.
• No Show/Last Minute Cancellation = NO REFUND & private groups are
charged the full tour cost

*Please call us if you run into an issue and need to cancel. We will do our best to work with you*

• Weather cancellations are not made until the beginning of the tour based
on current weather.
• We ride rain or shine.
• We are required to cancel if there is lightning or other severe weather.
• We do not ride if it’s 40 degrees or below or 100 degrees or above
• If we cancel due to weather, you will receive a full or partial refund (based
on when the tour is canceled. If you start your tour and we cancel during
due to a storm, you will receive partial refund)
• If your group decides against riding in the rain, you will not receive a
• Please dress appropriately for predicted weather conditions.

What if it rains?

Our policy is we roll rain or shine. We have a canopy over the top of the Pedal Trolley that will help prevent getting soaked, but even with the canopy you will probably get a few sprinkles on you. We promise a little bit of rain will not stop the party. If you’re unsure, please bring a coat or book a tour for another day.

How should I prepare for the ride?

To make your ride as enjoyable as possible, here are some things you can do. If you haven’t already, fill out and sign our online liability waiver. You may also encourage those joining you on your ride to do the same by sending them to our website OR a quick email with the link will work too.

Cash is king, it also gets you a beer a lot faster and easier once we get to the bars, so remember your cash and ID to ensure you can enjoy a nice cold one at each stop. Last but not least, remember we are having a GREAT time and the bars LOVE having us, but we are a bigger group, be nice to your bartenders and tip (they won’t forget you for it)!

Are the seats adjustable?

Yes! We do have adjustable seats on the Pedal Trolley.

How fast does the Pedal Trolley go?

On average about 5 mph, however we may top out at a hair-blowing 7 mph if we really get our pedal on. Going on this “slow ride” is an awesome experience and you’ll be sure to be the celebrities of downtown Pensacola during your tour!

How difficult is the pedaling?

The more people pedaling, the easier it is, but it can be a workout at times – and that’s kinda the point! There are 12 bicycle seats (with backs). There’s also a 3-seat back bench which is designed for those riders who want to relax or physically incapable of the rigors of pedaling – or maybe just for the VIPs of your group!