Support Local Food Trucks in Pensacola!

Pensacola is known as America’s First Settlement. No other place in the country has the culture, history and entertainment like our great City. Whether you enjoy shopping downtown along one of America’s Greatest Streets, dining at our award-winning restaurants or partaking in the eclectic and unique nightlife downtown has to offer, there is something truly for everyone in Pensacola. We want to make sure that’s always the case.

Unfortunately, a vocal minority has chosen to speak out against new businesses that choose to move to downtown, including our local food truck vendors. Now, the Pensacola City Council is deciding on how to regulate and limit these law-abiding local businesses from operating downtown. These regulations include limiting operations of mobile food trucks outside the core of downtown Pensacola and limiting their operating hours to unreasonable hours.

We’re asking you to voice your support for local food trucks in downtown Pensacola! Sign this petition and send your support for food trucks and local businesses to Mayor Hayward and the Pensacola City Council and tell them you want food trucks downtown!

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